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Boost customer engagement and acquisition by offering EveryIncome financial wellness benefits to your clients, prospects, and businesses.

  What is EveryIncome for Professionals?

EveryIncome is a private-labeled learning platform that helps professionals provide financial wellness tools, education, and life events solutions to their clients, prospects, and businesses of all types.

Give your clients the tools and education they need

Sign up and offer your own custom-branded EveryIncome platform to your members. Don’t get left behind in today’s digital landscape — modernize your practice and create an on-demand online presence for your clients and prospects.

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Create recurring subscription revenue with business affiliates

You can sell platform licenses to any number of businesses and you earn revenue on every recurring subscription from them. Employees of your affiliate businesses will all have fast and easy access to contact you from their Dashboards.

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Our Happy Customers

What They’re Saying

“Every Financial Professional Should Offer Them”

EveryIncome is one of those little things you do for your clients that makes them feel at home with you. Every financial professional should offer them.


“I Love EveryIncome”

I love EveryIncome. It is a great platform for our clients and also a great source of information covering many of the financial issues they will face. It is another positive touch point we have with our clients and a great way to provide additional value.

Kelly Campbell

Campbell Wealth Management

“Simple but Powerful”

If you want a tool that is simple but powerful for your clients go with EveryIncome! You won’t regret it!

Sonji Tucker

Modern Wealth By Design

Good for Your Business

  • Cost-effective online engagement
  • Client acquisition
  • Client retention
  • Business and brand reputation

Good for Your Clients

  • Professional guidance
  • Financial confidence
  • Personalized financial education
  • Personalized life events solutions

Customized to suit your brand and your needs

Match your own branding and colors across the platform for a seamless experience for your clients and prospects.

  • Complete private-label solution
  • Customizable feature set
  • Secure data management
  • Signup is fast and easy

Exclusive Pro Private-Label Features

Custom-Branded Platform

Use your colors, your logo, and your brand across the platform for a seamless user experience.

Feature Access Control

Enable or disable platform features to give your clients the perfect experience for your business.

Real-time Reporting

Get real-time reporting of platform usage and identify trends across user engagement.

12-Mo Engagement Review

Review the service every 12 months — renewal is evaluated based on value delivered.

One platform, everything clients need to take control of their finances.

Alongside finance management tools, users get personalized, guided financial education and recommendations covering all kinds of life events and personal finance needs, tailored specifically for them.

Personalized Dashboard

Easily see your information and recommendations from your customized dashboard and get quick access to the tools around the site.

EveryIncome Navigator

Explore personal finance topics with interactive, guided Navigator Journeys — personalized just for you — and learn how to make the best of any financial situation, one step at a time.

My Money

Easily see all your financial accounts and information in one place with My Money — investment accounts, credit cards, bank accounts, and more!

Financial Calculators

Calculate payments, plan for savings, or work out how to take better control of any financial situation with our extensive list of financial calculators.


Improve your finance vocabulary with an easy-to-use Glossary of personal finance terms, including a new Word-of-the-Day on your Dashboard every day.

The Library

Learn how to take control of your financial future with our vast collection of articles and content in the Library.

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