Scott Goldman

Senior Advisor

Scott Goldman

Scott Goldman is Senior Advisor at EveryIncome, bringing more than 25 years of digital content, design and brand experience to the organization. EveryIncome is an online platform and income solution company where users learn how to improve their income, partner with the right experts, gain insights, and access institutional quality income products and services.

After graduating from Syracuse University in 1990, Scott began his career in news media, leading sports design teams at The Charlotte Observer and The Washington Post before moving to Indianapolis in 2004.

Scott spent 8 years in newsroom leadership at The Indianapolis Star — directing visuals, breaking news, major projects and eventually all digital news coverage, culminating with the Star’s coverage of the 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis. Scott moved in 2012 to Advance Digital as director of the National Desk, directing sports, breaking news strategy and SEO and social media best practices for major digital news sites in areas including New Jersey, Alabama, New Orleans, Cleveland and Portland, Ore.

In 2014, Scott moved to senior leadership at Angie’s List in Indianapolis, directing its 75-person content team and a magazine with a monthly circulation of nearly 3 million. In two years, digital content traffic more than tripled, video streams increased 400% and content net margin increased substantially.

In 2016, Scott joined USA Football as Senior Director for Content Strategy and Marketing, leading a diverse group in creating brand content, creating and implementing new standards for SEO and social media efforts, and dramatically increasing audience traffic to content in a little more than one year.

Scott served as president of the international design organization Society for News Design in 2007, and regularly contributes to the Society’s publications. He has won more than 25 SND awards in his career, including Gold and Silver medals, and has played a key role in SND’s annual competition for most of his career.

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