Jenny Johnson

Software Engineer

Jenny Johnson

Jenny is a highly ambitious Software Engineer with 4 years of technical experience and an additional 3.5 years in client focused roles. Jenny started her technical career in the Financial Services industry building customized responsive web applications. Additionally, she has held lead developer roles on full stack and C# projects in both startup and corporate environments.

Jenny is a former student of the liberal arts with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and proficiency in Modern Standard Arabic from Truman State University. As a result she approaches all problems using First Principles: breaking down each variable of a problem to its fundamental truth and then building up from there. Jenny enjoys solving complex problems whether they are based in a machine or natural language. She often wears many hats on a project including translating business problems technical solutions and vice versa.

Jenny resides in Kansas City but is most often found traveling abroad, hiking, and reading. Jenny is passionate about making STEM accessible for women and girls. She frequently mentors at local non-profits and coding events.

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